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Yukimazan has started a donation pool!
684 / 100,000
Payments I take: DA Points and Team Fortress 2 items. Ask me for negotiations.

Requests are CLOSED!

Art trades OPEN!

Point Commisions are ALWAYS OPEN!

Discuss with me through note if you want to order point commission. I'm usually around 10 to 50 points depending on how much I have to do with the sprites. So yeah, I do sprites/pixel art as you see in my gallery. :3

Types of sprites that I do (with examples given) :

Custom SMW (Super Mario World) styled sprites on characters like OCs, Pokemon, furries, etc -…

Pokemon Trainer sprites -…

Will do obsession stuffs as well as shown (not fetish, these are cartoon cute style) :
-Weight gain
-Flattening (into shapes, etc)

To do list:

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By :iconavaikaofstarfox:. I'm her number 1# victim hehehe! :meow:

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag
4. Choose 10 people and get their icon in your journal 
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people (I'd feel rude about this you know... )
6. No tag-backs

Ten facts about me:

1. I'm a Malaysian. And male.

2. I'm a sprite artist as you normally see on my gallery.

3. I've just started my uni life...last July.

4. I have obsessions. The end.

5. I'm fully 18

6. I can be quiet and naive yet also crazy and big speaker at times IRL.

7. Did I tell you I easily get panicked when it comes to assignments? Because I'm a perfectionist at times. >w<


9. I normally go on my laptop every day.

10. I love cats and so is my persona/OC.

Questions by my friend :

1. If a friend stopped doing their usual communications with you, even briefly just to clarify they can't at the moment, to the point of non-speaking terms, but seemed not to change as a person, would you be concerned?
Kinda, but I'm normally like on my own most of the times or they're busy with their usual stuffs. I normally see this more from my younger sibling.

2. If someone was afraid of you or things you do or are imagined to do, would you rather them hide it from you, or tell it to you?
I'd rather tell them. It could hurt for some but it's the best to not let them worry more.

3. Do you believe that being yourself is or can be the ultimate lie detector...?
I'd say it is. Because no one else but myself can answer my own lies.

4. ...Or must you "dress to impress"?
Tell that to one of my parents. xD

5. Do you think contradictions in people is a natural thing? A stubborn thing? What? 
Humans make mistakes. I make lots of mistakes but I tend to move forward. Not everyone is perfect and but they have their special ways regardless how weird or unnatural it is

6. What is your future pursuit?
Finish my uni and get a job. And perhaps make a game with a friend of mine.

7. Is it easy for you to drown out distractions of any or certain kinds? 
Sometimes. My friends have a higher chance for that.

8. Do you Smash? If so, who do you main? 
I had SSBB. I wish I have my own Wii U but I don't. For main, I don't really know even though I did play on my cousin's 3DS. But I might be a sword user or perhaps one of the Starfox orPokemon characters.

9. Are my questions too serious this time? 
A bit. But I can understand that.

10. Is hypnosis weird? Or do people make it weird?
I'd say more of the latter because there are NUMEROUS of ways to do so. :XD:

No tags. c:
  • Mood: Peaceful
  • Listening to: OSTs from favourite games
  • Reading: Some university documents
  • Watching: Danganronpa The Animation
  • Playing: TF2, Crypt Of The Necrodancer, Dynasty Warriors


Yukimazan's Profile Picture
ayyooooooooo by cosmo-chuu

:iconarttradeopenplz::iconcommissionsopenplz: (Points only)

Furaffinity account… Don't worry, I'm more on the cartoon side so it's more like cute.

I'm a fan of Gundam, KOEI games and some Nintendo games. I kinda like mecha animes. I'm also a spriter so I do sprites obviously. ^^

(Credit :icongloriouslayde: for my ID. They're an amazing artist. Watch them ;) )

Artists you should see: :iconpoyochu::iconpizzasavvie1000::iconyumicatrox::iconk-a-w-o-r-u::iconbluestarbiehedgehog::icongloriouslayde::iconx-calming-melody-x::iconlioru92::iconschoolfilmer::iconlordmakar::iconkylestudios::iconthefangirl4848::iconswordtheyellowkirby::iconstarlight-starfish::iconnavitaserussirus::icontheorangelion::iconmarwangreencritter:

Current Residence: Malaysia
Favourite genre of music: Alternative like Linkin Park
Favourite game/anime character: Cao Pi, Guo Jia, Sima Zhao, Mitsunari Ishida, Nobunaga Oda, Shinn Asuka, Athrun Zala, Medic
Personal Quote: Just chill, don't let that lava blow your head off.

Chatroom for RP and stuffs:…

I Love Gundam Stamp by BrokenOpen Principality of Zeon Stamp by NeonRemix

Koei Fan Stamp by MagnoliasDragon Dynasty Warriors:: Wei stamp by DancesWithFoxes Dynasty Warriors:: Jin Stamp by DancesWithFoxes Jin Stamp by Humble-Novice Dynasty Warriors Stamp by nakashimariku
Gundam Fan Button by AceRome

Shu Stamp Set - Liu Bei by BeforeIDecay1996 Wu Stamp Set - Lu Xun by BeforeIDecay1996 Wu Stamp Set - Ling Tong by BeforeIDecay1996

Sima Yi fan stamp DW 6 by fullmetalkittnCao Pi Stamp by Elzamine
Lu Xun fan stamp DW 6 by fullmetalkittnLing Tong Fan Stamp DW 6 by fullmetalkittnWu Trio Stamp by SasuSakuChick

Jia Chong Stamp by ReaperFFsevenSima Shi Stamp by ReaperFFsevenZhong Hui Stamp by ReaperFFsevenSima Zhao Stamp by ReaperFFseven

Wang Yi by ReaperFFsevenXiahou Dun by ReaperFFsevenStamp: Guo Jia by Levetra

Guan Xing Stamp by ReaperFFsevenStamp: Xu Shu by Levetra

Dynasty Warriors 8 Stamp by ReaperFFseven

And I really like Sima Zhao and his personality~ :meow:


Timbre Patapon 2 by LeDrBenjiTimbre Patapon 3 by LeDrBenji

Stamp_MK_Death if I win, death if I lose by Chivi-chivik

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